by on September 16, 2020

My suspicion is that the mod team favors individuals to clamp down in the present time and deal with RS gold  public fallout after or they've internal directions along the lines of zero tolerance policies, disallowing judgement calls (wait are we talking about cops or subreddit mods?) . FWIW my view on memes is as follows: whether it can stand alone on its own without the name it should stay, when the posrt is a generic meme requiring the title to operate then it may be safely removed. I'm certain the username didn't help my program.

If it's funny and the community likes it should remain, mods should be concerned about toxic users and offensive things. If we upvote that the memes we want the memes, you dingos right now the sub just feels lifeless with a lot of whinny people. They actually suck lol, can't tolerate criticism at ALL. Really wish achievement posts were prohibited. You could fill a complete sub along with all the people who post every 99 and every rare fall they get. Something enjoy factorio's approach might work. I really don't play 07 but I'm subbed to 07 for the memes and don't even understand why I visit this one because 90% of the posts are hot garbage.

I'm here because I forgot to press"hot" when I started reddit. Has fresh but it's same old crap. Honestly nostalgia that's aswell. YES that is overrated! I've been saying that for so long now. So frustrating. I visit r/runescape anymore because of how dull it is. I spend most of my time in runescape 2007 now. I understand some articles get filtered manually, but I don't have any clue how badly. Heck, the mods stayed up all night (I'm presuming ) ensuring we never got a post about the big hacked twitter accounts that were being jokingly compared to the doublin' money scam. Meanwhile, runescape 2007 had three or even two on their front page daily. A few of the articles made zero attempt to block the url that was bitcoin/paypal in those tweets to be fair to the mods killing these threads though.

As far as memes vs achievement posts goes; neither offer much discussion, but meme articles have more variance to them other than whether the OP utilizes the full clickbait line (may not mean much to you, but after XX years and nobody to share it with, I FINALLY) or if they had the irl innovation level to have a screenshot. This sub has become"HELLO! HI THERE! PLEASE NOTICE ME. I don't have any one to share my achievements with rs gold 2107 . . . Look at my amazing rng, hope you're all jealous. . . I just finished this quest. . . Please provide me some attention. Dude you or your mom yourself made a cake. Hey mod delete this. Yeah those memes were fire and would be the material that I wish we had more of!

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