by on September 12, 2020

What time zone does Meseta pso2 NA move by?

For your P3D and P5D event it has a time table but it doesn't say which time zone it follows, does anybody know what time zone it is?

If not knowledgeable about this time-codes, its California time. However, if ever wondering what time zone something is compared to yours, you can Google the time and it'll show you the present time at the zone without needing to click on an actual site.

PSO2 day is on the 2nd of every month. There's also a second PSO2 day on the 22nd of every month, however, the boosts on that day are only for premium users.

Does it make sense to begin playing PSO2 now?

So PSO2 has been released on Steam and I am curious, I want to try it.

My question is, even should PSO2: New Genesis is coming next season and I'll have to make a personality from scratch anyhow, what is the point of starting today? If you believe I need to, can you tell me why? . .

'cuz PSO2:NGS, while more or less a fresh game, has a lot of carry over from PSO2. Additionally, the original PSO2 will still be accessible.

Hell yeah. It is a fun game and we're getting a ton of content thrown at us within the next year or so. Plus, some things (seems like makeup ) will be moving over to NGS.

It is a really shitty method of doing so but if they still count moonmates and shit as equipment and permit it to move between both PSO2 Meseta for sale  games, I had likely cheese meseta over to NGS by buying a storage full of moonmates and gradually selling them over on NGS.

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