by on September 8, 2020

Very best bet is to just restart your pc and try again.

It seems like you are not logged into the Windows Store/Xbox program. Log into that Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta  and try again.

Currently trying to open the Xbox App in my computer and it is not loading... may be this tbf Edit: Trying to login on the xbox app and the sign in button just isn't doing anything...

If you have a VPN on turn off it for 5 mins and try again.

I really don't have a VPN on, however I did need to do something to get the game from the NA windows shop as I am in the UK. My bf who did exactly the Exact Same thing has no issues atm though so I don't believe it was that

Hmm, well it's the Xbox app looking for your user login to play. If you have a brand new account I'd just download it . You've been warned.

Do you know if I'll be able to link my steam account for my preexisting pso2 account? I don't wanna have to eliminate everything and restart .

I am using tweaker.

Regrettably, I've restarted the game a few times today already and the same thing is still occurring. I am pretty sure it is just the xbox program being owo fucky wucky, therefore I *could* reinstall it on steam (as indicated by another reply) but its 80gb and my web is absolute wank therefore it'll take a good 24 hours to reinstall

Hey, I fixed this past month. It is a problem with xbox game companion. Uninstall and reinstall it, then load it (perhaps a couple of times) to make sure it actually logs you in. Ah, I believe they really renamed the app to just"xbox (beta)" or something now so it might be known as that.

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