Jeffery O'Leary
by on September 7, 2020
Las Vegas Tent Rental Productions is the simple choice for all your tent rentals in Las Vegas. Las VegasTent Rental Productions tent rental division can handle all your tent rental needs. Whatever you need in your tent, we could provide it!
Side Walls
Clear Side Walls
Strong Side Walls
Window Side Walls
Ceiling Drape Kits
Any colour, any cloth!!
We recommend Prove Vinyl (Taffeta) as an inexpensive but gorgeous drape option.
Sub Flooring
Floors and Astro Turf Floors
CAD Layout Design
HVAC Rental
Tent Heater Rental
AC System Rental
All Thermostat Controlled
Need to put your tent in the middle of the desert? Las Vegas Tent Rental Productions tent leasing staff can construct a custom sub floor, and put a beautiful rug to give your guests that most comfortable setting !
Las Vegas Tent Rental Productions Tent Rental Division may build whatever type of tent you need. We can build a tent above a pool, angled on a cliff, on a grassy area.... And the list continues. If you need to rent a tent, then we're your"one call" to make everything happen.
Having a large supply of tent gear for leasing makes our goal of becoming the best"one stop shop" at the celebration and event industry feasible. Please feel free to place our team to the test. We're up for any challenge, and excel at creating whatever vision you dream about. "If you dream it, we can make it happen".
Perhaps there is a last minute heat or cold spell rolling to the valley, call Las Vegas Entertainment Productions and our crew of tent rental experts will come out, step, and put in a fantastic tent all in one afternoon! We've Got heater leases, Air Conditioning Table Rentals, Swamp Coolers, Misting Systems, and everything in between.
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