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 The couple ring sporting method: men and women will put on a matching rings for couples on the ring finger that is left, this is also the wedding ring sporting method.  Because there is a vein on the ring finger to the heart, wearing a pair of rings on the ring finger is.   The personality of the couple's ring sporting method: some couples wear the couple ring in 1 hand.  For example, the man left female right: the guy wears the couple ring in the left hand nameless, the lady wears the couple ring on the right ring finger.  
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  What hands should I wear my rings as a female? Before passing to that we would like to speak about some general principles which exist concerning jewelry and the ways of wearing it.  One thing you will need to understand is that oval and sort of stretched rings seem more elegant and visually make the palms longer and cuter.Those ladies, who are not tall and who have short fingers, should avoid wearing large rings with big jewels.  If your fingers are small and thin you should think of becoming smaller and lighter alternatives.  One more thing that you should take into consideration is the fact that it's not recognized to wear big and tricky rings in the day if that is not expensive although bijou jewelry that is simple.  In order to have good looks you need to pay attention to having well-groomed fingers and nails, which may be achieved using hand creams and care for the nails properly.
  What should I pay attention to when choosing a couple ring? Pay attention to the size: when deciding on a couple ring, you ought to know which finger the couple ring is wearing , and then select the appropriate couple ring size according to the size of the finger.  Pay attention most people will choose platinum, 18K gold .  There will also be many people who opt for the styles of stainless steel, ceramics and metal which are popular nowadays.  Pay attention to the selection of brand: bunch ring for a couple, has a great meaning, you can select a couple ring brand, add a layer of intimate color for the ring.
  Wearing numerous rings on one and the same finger is considered to be a sign of impoliteness and bad manners.  Still, the modern experiments appear to solve this problem, creating some identically designed but those rings have something in common like the layout and the material.  There's also one intriguing belief about rings and fingers concerning the belief of Yin and Yang, according to that when a man or woman who is right-handed wears rings, their left hand stands for yin and the perfect hand stands for yang.  This means getting a skill or attribute, while a ring on the yang means the opposite giving abilities or traits when he or she wear a ring on the yin.  Accordingly for a left-handed person the areas of yin and yang also shift.

  Which finger needs to a couples promise rings be worn? When a couple's relationship is stable, many people will purchase a couple to take one another and care for one another.  The ring of A couple is generally a set of rings, which are worn by both men and women.  Couples are very concerned about the problem of wearing a finger on a couple's ring.  From wearing a couple's ring To be able to prevent couples, today's Xiaobian introduces the sporting method and meaning of the ring, I hope to help you.  

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