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Nearly spit out my coffee in the Youtube remark that states" NBA 2K MT did my mans dirty, he seems like a convict attempting to get he GED. "Seems like he's reading for the first time.I need to watch this every time it gets shared hahaha.Jesus. Can they do that in 1 take? Could not the guys cut some of the pauses to make it. They would definitely do everything, so this is the cleaned up version after a bunch of takes.Don't be too tough on the man, mumble rap just begun getting hot around the time.

The very best part is MyPlayer cutting him. I fucking love the thought of Markeif Morris telling Shaq to give him the ball more , although I know that it's not him.

I don't want to dogpile on Waiters because clearly the voice acting is fuck did that undergo one and multiple levels of screening? Even without considering the wrong lines, at least one individual being needed to hear Dion get cut off in the midst of a sentence as the scene proceeded, keep speaking at the same period as the MyPlayer celebrity, and state that it was okay to include in a final product from a triple-A studio. That is Steam new release bad.

2k21 should have dropped their NBA licensing for this

I work in triple A, it surely happened because they had a shit ton of lines to go through. They likely automated a lot of it and had an entire database of NPC_Cutscene_035_Dialog_1 and Player_Cutscene_035_Dialog_2 and so on.You just plug all of the recorded lines to the database as a map linking participant to voice line resource. So if the player is talking to Rubio look for Rubio at NPC_Cutscene_035_Dialog_1. There crazy amounts of versions. I am sure somebody listened to this at any stage, but probably very few people along with the dude or lady that did hear it probably was just like"oh for fucks sake. This really is terrible but we got two months left to ship".

I can assure you that there was a bug somewhere that said" Buy NBA 2K MT Coins player cuts off Dion Waiters voiceline in Cutscene_035" and production looked at it and slapped a big ol' Priority 09 onto it. Subsequently nobody else worked on it because it was not significant enough... and then it shipped.Sounds like 50 Cent if he got shot in the jaw. I knew this was going to be before I clicked.


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