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Why so many OSRS gamers Appear to be hostile to RuneScape gold players

Or have I simply had worse compared to typical adventures as a RS3 participant? I've even been encouraged by friends to quit playing RS3 and instead play OSRS. They almost look offended when I inform them that I want to stay with RS3. Been that way since the launching of OSRS. Simply since most OS players who played with said combat execution. Resentment in the forced change. That's understandable, however. It has been a long time, but many of us lost multiple hundreds or thousands of hours of play time along with Runescape we grew upon. So for some, the bitterness runs deep.

I think it stems from RuneScape being one of the most prosperous games on earth pre EOC / jungle removal etc.. There is a LOT of people who had a lot of hatred towards Jagex for ruining Runescape they adored, and nearly everyone stopped. When OSRS came around it was essentially an entry that Jagex was incorrect, and the simple fact that oldschool has become so much larger than the primary Runescape match proves that theory to many men and women. People today hate what Jagex didn't RS3 and oldschool present fuels which anger.

I see. Thank you. Introduced EOC as an improvement or something quite. Yeah I mean I guess in the end of the day people get both today so there is no need to wonder. It does make me wonder exactly how incredible Runescape would be when they never went the RS3 route and spent the past 10+ years adding more content rather, but the team / updates we get due to the manner OSRS is constructed makes me quite glad it went this way.

The 2 matches are worlds apart. Both are good though! MTX is in full swing (mostly cosmetics, however, so not too bad). I don't like the notion of cover to win, but at exactly the same time I recognize it has its advantages too. It retains membership price low and provides greater income for their business. I've also not had to cover membership for several years, because of purchasing bonds with my in- old school runescape buy gold  game riches! EOC has its defects, but I think that it's pretty awesome overall. There are a whole lot of strategies that you can utilize. It is very interactive and that is what I enjoy. It feels just like RNG is not a huge factor to be able to do well.


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