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What good could come of visiting Crandor, to try to improve on perfection? It's better to concentrate on exploring some other part of Runescape, as to attempt to enlarge on Crandor would only remind the RuneScape gold  players how pathetic the content of today is when compared to Dragon Slayer. You can't catch lightning in a bottle two - all we can do is be happy it happened and proceed even if it hurts. Even if we look back longingly every day - the time has come and gone.

PvP enhanced and should be kept in thy wildy

PVP creates one of the, if not the most hazardous environments in the game. That alone is more than sufficient to warrant the removal of it. Jagex has shown again and again that they're incapable of handling in-game toxicity properly, so why additionally supply a hot-bed for degeneration? In the very least layout Runescape such that we don't promote an increasing number of toxicity if you're not going to consciously cope with toxicity.

A large amount of the material that's available in the wild forces one to really go there to be effective - meaning players that do not need to be in the wild are forced to go anyhow. This is a crazy level of anti-fun, also it feels additional bad that you understand ever time you are attacked it's not because that's how Runescape fundamentally works but rather because another human being decided that your efficacy was less important than their pleasure. It is a fundamentally selfish act for them to strike youpersonally, that feeling that you're not important is perhaps even more destructive than the loss of efficiency.

Ever since EOC, PVP was wildly complex such that it's only ever going to be engaged with by the 1% of the 1 percent. Becoming top 10 percent of Telos players is great and will benefit you, being top 10 percent PVPers signifies that the top 9% frees you around effortlessly because of how immense the difference in efficiency becomes as skill increases. At best you reach the level where you stalemate consistently with the very best of buy old school runescape gold  players. PVP is basically 0-sum, and actually less than 0-sum because of degradation, items that are lost on passing in weird ways that removes value (ie. Augmentation/perks), meaning it's all just a gamble that on moderate - everyone loses in. It does not add value to Runescape, all it does is suck it dry.


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