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I had been expecting something more like a meme roast such as,"master hints are shite such as your opinion, hards are far faster and more enjoyable". On the contrary - my remark wasn't good at all. Not only does it clearly demonstrate that I've never even done a master clue in my whole life, but it reveals my hubris as I was so easily prepared to talk on something that I know nothing about past a few hastily made Google searches. My pity is deepened by what RuneScape gold  happiness I have brought you. Are you currently practicing for a debate group or are you practicing your writing abilities? I am enjoying this post.

Crandor should be the next Miscellania coming with the other making history-themed pursuit which takes us back until Elvarg ruined it. Crandor is one of the most iconic settings in most of RuneScape - the setting of the greatest moment of many a youthful RuneScape player's whole RuneScape career - and of course their lifetime for a whole up till that point (or in totality). Together with it being so significant to the history of Runescape, so near our hearts, having us return to it in a new way would only undermine the job of the developers who created the region. It'd be as you're disrespecting a slice of history - crafted to perfection with the hands of geniuses - such as a child drawing over a replica of the Mona Lisa.

What good could come of visiting Crandor, to attempt to improve on perfection? It's far better to concentrate on exploring some other part of Runescape, as to attempt to enlarge on Crandor would remind the players how pathetic the content of today is when compared to Dragon Slayer. You can't catch lightning in a bottle two - all we could do is be glad it happened and proceed even if it hurts. Even if we look back longingly every day - that the time has come and gone.

PvP enhanced and Ought to Be maintained in thy wildy

PVP creates among the, if not the most toxic environments in the game. That is more than enough to warrant the elimination of it. Jagex has shown again and again that they're incapable of handling in-game toxicity correctly, so why also provide a hot-bed for degeneration? In the very least design Runescape such that we don't encourage more and more toxicity if you are not likely to actively deal with toxicity.

A huge amount of the content that's offered in the wild forces you to really go there to be effective - meaning gamers that don't need to maintain the wild are made to go anyway. This really is a crazy level of anti-fun, and it feels extra bad you know ever time you are attacked it's not because that is how cheap RS gold fundamentally functions but rather because another human being determined that your efficacy was less significant than their pleasure. It's a fundamentally selfish act for them to attack you, that feeling that you are not important is possibly even more damaging than the loss of efficiency.

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