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When you make a fresh construct you have to play the entire prelude again to have the ability to get a 750 VC contract. If you dont you'll get 500 VC after every match. Publish combine. It's a waste of nba2k21 mt xbox one  time and the biggest cuck from the prelude. Along with the bench press in it is broken, impossible to acquire 5. The last few seconds of the quarter, in case your competitor team has chunk they wait till the last 2 seconds and shoot at a contested of their dribble half court shots.

How could you forget about the dual team in mycareer. Your 60 ovr myplayer centre who happens to own 10 points has double teamed, and every time has an easy assist. 60 ovr center with 10 assists. There are likely more ridiculous issues and difficulties in mycareer I cant think of right now. However, these are the greatest. I'm not saying MyCareer is poor, I am simply pointing out the bad inside. Additionally, there are pros and matters 2K got it correctly. I wish they could fix all these before 2K21 and leave it tidy, but let us just hope 2K21 is going to be better.

Mycareer is designed to get tired after the first season and invest VC on a fresh construct, rinse and repeat. There is no development together with Anderson Murray. He's not a bestie who follows you around or even gets traded with you. He has like three missable cutscenes. Why bother? Endorsements slow down dramatically after the first year, and after you're the face of the new, you stop getting events, which isn't a great business strategy for a brand. Facts at a certain point you'll have to get over 1M fans for a new event. Also I think of how many builds I created in this mycareer mode. But I have a build for each position/archetype, once I feel like playing one I log into.

Those 5 moments are brutal. I hate them! In addition, I agree with everything else there. In addition to the VC bullshit. I'm counting the days before this MyPlayer system stinks. They will need to create MyPlayer and MyCareer different game modes and find a way to inspire players to play with MyCareer for more than a season. But those 5 seconds should you stand up them your games together they will be many hours of your own time wasted, a number of hours.

They need picture and demonstration for your player speaking about all varieties of stats. Plus take these people out begin a season or keep the regulars participant in. They're just two players joined to the story I believe walden is nice but he keeps greening step backs and measure back 3s that's definitely not his match, he's a slasher. Not a fan of it. Allow me to beef with a actual participant and they really must bring the outside of the arena with fans showing up in your jersey (with actual name and number on it ) I recall madden 11 had it and it made it much more fun playing cause they would flash to the crowd going nuts after a play with people in face paint yelling at the in nba2k21 myteam coins game camera crew.

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