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Organizational boundaries are disappearing and companies face new security challenges. The global workforce of all environments and industries requires immediate communication and remote productivity to stay competitive. But today's intruders know a lot

Organizations lack the expertise in internal security that struggles to keep pace with emerging attack vectors and maintain a variety of endpoint threat solutions.

managed endpoint security protects all devices in every corner of the world from a new generation of security threats, preventing intruders from interfering with your operations. MEP seamlessly integrates market-leading endpoint security solutions, specific requirements, and proven methodologies to design, implement, transform, and manage security services to keep your environment secure.

Customer Focused Approach. It incorporates corporate policies, technology, infrastructure, and business needs to facilitate the design of endpoint threat protection solutions.

The Base MEP service monitors, maintains and manages antivirus technology 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a dedicated on-site infrastructure or from multiple tenants.

Add-on services enhance overall security with personal firewalls, host intrusion prevention, and device and application control.

Orientation of managed services. Deploy the appropriate software and management agents on your endpoint devices to obtain information that will help you implement the relevant policy management infrastructure.

Consulting experience. Leverage your advisor's vast security experience to migrate your organization from existing platforms to Managed Security Services (MSS) when:

Confirmation and environmental analysis.

Design and creation of process guides.

Compare existing processes and configurations standards

Transfer knowledge about a particular environment to a team.

Central visibility and control. Get 24x7 monitoring and maintenance of your services from a centralized management console with centralized visibility and endpoint threat control. And cutting-edge policies and protections ensure stable operation.

Take what you need. Endpoints and environments are secure with Managed Endpoint Protection.

Quickly upgrade protection for your laptop, desktop and server. Did you know that MEP can automatically implement changes to 50,000 endpoints at once? The ability to remotely update security policies on tens of thousands of devices ensures protection against emerging threats.

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